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      How to Wash Your BJJ Gi

      How to Wash Your BJJ Gi

      There's nothing more frustrating than buying a perfectly-fitting gi, and then finding that it no longer fits right after you wash it for the first time. Arg!

      Your first instinct may be to blame the gi company for producing a shotty gi... but before you send off that angry email to customer service (who, by the way, work their tails off and don't deserve your passive aggressive attitude, ya schmuck), you might want to make sure you're washing your gi correctly and the fault isn't your own

      Here are some tips to keep your gi clean, shrink-free and long-lasting: 


      From the second you pull your brand spanking-new gi out of the bag, you'll need to consider what your first few washes will look like. Does your gi fit loose? Do you like it more fitted? Then wash your gi on hot the first time, try it on again and decide if you need to shrink it a bit more. There's no scientific calculation for the amount shrink you can expect. This is mostly due to the fact that different gi companies use different weaves and fabric weights for their gis. In fact, some companies have numerous gi models that all differ in their construction. The quality of the cotton fibers can also play a role in the amount of shrinkage you can expect, and this is a factor that's controlled at the very beginning of the manufacturing process. 

      However, as a rule of thumb, you can a lighter weight, looser weave to shrink more than a heavier, tighter weave. Ripstop pants tend to shrink very minimally, if at all. 


      Again, consider if you need to shrink your gi to make it fit more snug. If you do, then you can pop it into the dryer the first time you wash it. Because almost all gis are made from cotton - at least the jacket, anyway - anytime you dry your gi, it will shrink. The reason for this is that cotton is a natural fiber made of cellulose. When the cellulose fibers are exposed to heat, they constrict, which, compounded over the entire length of the fabric, causes your gi to shrink. It also breaks down the fibers, which weakens the fabric over the long-term and leaves your gi prone to tearing. 

      Once you've achieved the desirable size for your gi, the best option is to air dry it from then on. If you live in a warm, dry climate, you can dry it outside on a line. However, if the climate is not favorable, or if it happens to be raining on washing day, you can opt to dry it indoors, either on a line or hanging on your bathroom shower rod. 

      Post-Training Care

      It shouldn't have to be said, but you don't want to just leave your sweaty, un-washed gi in the trunk of your car or in your laundry basket for days on end. While you might think you can just wash that funk out - and gi funk is some serious funk - it's easier said than done. The source of that funk is bacteria - both your body's naturally-occurring ba bcteria as well as the bacteria that may or may not be thriving on the mats - which eat the fatty compounds found in sweat and produce malodorous compounds. These compounds then cling to the natural fibers in your gi, and the longer you leave your gi to "ferment", the harder it is to wash those pesky compounds out, especially if you're washing in cold water to preserve the size and longevity of your gi. 

      If you can't wash your gi immediately after a training session, there are some ways you can try to "defunk" your gi. These include: adding Borax or color-safe bleach to your laundry, spraying your gi with diluted peroxide (white gis only, as peroxide can bleach certain colors), soaking your gi in a vinegar solution prior to washing, or using a detergent specifically made for gis. 

      Hopefully these tips will help you keep your gi in tip top shape for your next training session. Just remember the most important tip of all: don't wear a stinky gi to class. You won't make any friends that way. 


      Train on... fresh. Oss.

      Fresh New Choke Republic Tees!

      Fresh New Choke Republic Tees!

      Summer is officially here! What's better than breaking out the short shorts and flip flops? Stocking up on the latest new designs from your favorite jiu jitsu apparel brand, Choke Republic!

      Even if you don't already know the Choke Republic brand - where have you been... living under a rock?? - you have definitely seen their awesome t-shirt designs in your BJJ academy, major jiu jitsu events, and maybe even on randos walking down the street. Remember the famous "Coffee Then Jiu Jitsu" shirt, complete with shaka-ing Starbucks lady-mermaid? Yeah, that was Choke Republic. 

      So what have they brought you this summer?? A fresh new set of designs, that's what! Check 'em out:

      Territory Series








      Laurel Wreath




      Product Release: New Kingz Gis!

      Product Release: New Kingz Gis!

      What's better than a new, fresh, crisp gi in the mail? When it's a new gi model from your favorite jiu jitsu brand!! Whether it's the new colorways, more streamlined or flashier design, better fit, or latest fabric technology... or all of the above... you're bound to squeal like a little girl (or boy) on Christmas morning. 

      So what do we got for you this time? The latest release from Kingz Kimonos, featuring not one, or two, or three... but FOUR new gi models! Check them out:

      Classic 3.0 Jiu Jitsu Gi

      Personally, the Classic has always been one of my favorites of Kingz. Super streamlined, super classy, and not too light that I feel like it'll rip the second one of my teammates grabs a hold of it. For those of you who are already Classic fans - like me - the Classic 3.0 brings you the same amazing features, with fresh new colorways to add to your collection. Made with a light weight, yet sturdy 450 GSM Pearl Weave Plus jacket and 10 oz cotton drill pants, the white gi features blood red, the blue gi features dove grey, and the black gi features cool mint green embroideries and patch details. Also available in Kingz' popular women's cut

      Nano 2.0 Jiu Jitsu Gi

      Competitors rejoice! Kingz also decided to refresh their highly popular ultralight gi! The original Nano was a total hit among the jiu jitsu community, as it was one of the few truly ultralight gis in the market that featured cotton rather than ripstop pants. With ultra-streamlined embroideries, a super lightweight 400 GSM jacket and 8 oz cotton pants - bolstered with as many reinforcements as they could without sacrificing weight - the Nano is a competitor's best friend. And can we talk about how stylish it is?? In addition to a slightly heavier fabric (we're talking a teeny tiny bit, 400 GSM versus 370 GSM, in response to reviews about the original Nano being too light), Kingz has also refreshed the colorways and added a sick grey version to the lineup! Also available in a women's cut!

      The One Jiu Jitsu Gi

      Kingz really is all about the people. Since the beginning, they've provided a basic gi model at an amazing price, without sacrificing quality. They've continued to commit to that idea with The One Jiu Jitsu Gi, a basic gi that is far from basic. Featuring a 400 GSM High-Tech Pearl Weave jacket, 10 oz cotton pants, streamlined Kingz crown logos and their new One logo, the One Jiu Jitsu Gi is a sweet, sweet gi, perfect for everyday training and at a price point that allows you to have one, two, heck... ten in the closet. Available in women's and kid's cuts!

      Sport Jiu Jitsu Gi

      If you thought Kingz' product release was just about refreshed gi models... you thought wrong! Check out the all new Sport Jiu Jitsu Gi, the latest model in Kingz' gi lineup. Inspired by football ("soccer" for you 'mericans out there) and fast cars, the Sport Jiu Jitsu Gi features wicked cool racing stripe Kingz patches down the shoulders and one leg, a lightweight 400 GSM Pearl Weave Jacket and ultralight weight 7.5 oz polyester/cotton ripstop pants. Only available in black and white! 

      Yeah, we know your interest is piqued... with so many new fresh models, how can you possibly decide which one to get?? Why not try them all? I mean... you really can't have too many gis. 

      Train on... Oss.

      Best Gear Bags for BJJ

      Best Gear Bags for BJJ

      Today I want to pay tribute to one of the most under-appreciated pieces of your jiu jitsu kit... the gear bag. Whether it's a backpack or a duffle bag - or even a combination of the two - having a reliable, well-constructed gear bag helps to keep you organized and prepared to get your train on. 

      Here at Fighters Market, we've seen all kinds of BJJ gear bags pass through our warehouse, so we've decided to review some of our favorites: 

      Kingz Convertible Backpack 2.0

      You know Kingz Kimonos as one of the most premier gi brands in the industry today, worn by some of the top competitors in the sport, including Leandro Lo and Kaynan Duarte. When they came out with their first edition of their convertible backpack back at the 2017 IBJJF European Championships, it sold out almost immediately. This year, they made that bag even better. Offering the same awesome features that made the first version so popular, the Convertible Backpack 2.0 is more durable and is now available in three different colorways: black, red, and hunter green. This bag definitely tops are list, and here's why: it has a ton of intelligently designed pockets for all your needs; it has a separate ventilated pocket to put your wet gear (which helps to prevent that "gi funk"); and it converts easily from an already spacious 48 liter volume backpack to a 72 liter volume duffle bag. Essentially, this gear bag is one of the most intelligently designed sports bags we've come across... like ever. 

      Fuji Sports Grapple Pack

      Fuji has always pretty much dominated the market when it comes to jiu jitsu gear bags. If memory serves, they might have actually been the first brand to offer their own kind of bag. Remember their duffle bags and backpacks made of actual gi jacket pearl weave material? Yeah. Super old school. Their most popular bags have always been their duffle bags, which they've upgraded from time to time and added new features. However, their Sports Grapple Pack has taken a totally different turn from their usual... and we dig it. Basically, this gear bag is the illegitimate love child between a duffle bag and a backpack. Designed to be carried backpack style, it has a very interesting duffle bag-style vertical zipper that allows for easy access to your gis and gear when you're at the academy. It also has a nifty side pocket for your laptop or tablet, and a bottom compartment for your shoes or sweaty gear after training and which can be folded and tucked away when not in use. 

      Scramble Kimono Backpack

      The first two gear bags on our list definitely have the "look" of a gear bag. Scramble Brand decided to go a different route with their Scramble Kimono Backpack, which has a more subtle look, ideal for commuting from your swanky job in the city to your academy after work. Although this bag has a smaller capacity than the Kingz Convertible Backpack and the Fuji Sports Grapple Pack - with room for a single gi and miscellaneous training gear - it's definitely far more stylish, with nice grey finish, A-symmetrical design features, and a unique kimono lapel-style flap, containing a hidden pocket. The padded back and shoulder straps with the security clasp also make it an incredibly comfortable bag, perfect for your long subway ride to class. 

      If you've been training long enough, you know the value of a good gear bag. We don't have to convince you of that. But what we can do is steer you in the right direction, toward a really great gear bag. 

      Train on... Oss. 

      Do You Wear a Cup in BJJ?

      Do You Wear a Cup in BJJ?

      As a female BJJ practitioner, I don't feel entirely qualified to write about this subject... but I'm game for just about anything, so here we go anyway! XD

      To wear, or not to wear, a cup in BJJ... that is the question. I'm sure Shakespeare would have asked the same thing if he had been born in modern times and become as addicted to the gentle art as we all have. He would have probably written something far more eloquent for this blog, too. But, alas, he's six feet under and you've just got me. Lucky you. 

      In my experience, the vast majority of jiu jitsu practitioners do not wear a cup. Sure, there are the occasional blokes who choose to strap on an athletic cup under their drawers, but it's relatively uncommon. There are a few reasons for this: 

      • Cups were designed to protect from accidental hits to the groin areas... which is pretty prevalent in more high-contact sports like football, MMA and other striking martial arts, but not so much in BJJ. Yes, while the occasional stray knee or elbow can come into contact with a man's bits a pieces during jiu jitsu training, but it's really relatively rare. 
      • The discomfort of a wearing a cup during jiu jitsu training far outweighs any protective benefits. Jiu jitsu - probably more than any other sport in the world - involves a lot of strange positions and contortions of the body. As such, having a hard piece of plastic in that area for groin protection will cause more discomfort than it's worth. Additionally, if your cup doesn't quite "fit" as well as it should (they don't exactly come in a plethora of sizes), you risk pinching some delicate skin while you're trying to berimbolo to the someone's back. 
      • Wearing a cup during jiu jitsu competitions is illegal. This is principally because that bit of hard plastic can cause some serious damage to a person's elbow or spinal column with enough applied pressure. If you can't wear it during competition, why wear it when you're training for a competition? 

      And finally, from the female - or even general training partner's - perspective, training with someone who's wearing a cup is incredibly uncomfortable. I already have to contend with my male training partners' superior strength, but if I'm in a terrible position, the last thing I want is a piece of hard plastic digging painfully into my back. 

      Whether you choose to wear a cup or not - and I hope you choose the latter - make sure you always train safe, and with respect toward your fellow training partner. 

      Train on. Oss.