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    Tatami Mike Fowler Signature Gi

    The eagerly awaited Tatami Mike Fowler Signature GI is one of the most unique bjj gis ever made. Designed by the legendary Mike Fowler himself with the assistance of Tatami designers, this gi is truly a work of art.

    The Tatami Mike Fowler gi features a 550 GSM Gold Weave jacket and 12 oz canvas pants. Most striking about the gi is the cool patterned design sublimated along the lapel, skirt, cuffs and pant legs. In fact, this gi is the first ever bjj gi to feature a fully sublimated collar. Distinctive embroidered contrasting flower patterns encircle the upper arms of the jacket, as well as the upper thigh of the pants. That same design is featured in the sublimated lining along the inside shoulders of the jacket. A custom logo has also been designed especially for this gi, and embroidered on the back of the jacket, just under the collar, on the left skirt of the jacket (beside the text "Tatami"), as well as on shin area of the right pant leg.

    Like the wild hair styles Mike is renowned for, this gi is bound to stand out in a crowd.


    • 550GSM Gold Weave jacket
    • 12oz canvas pants
    • Custom designed and embroidered logos
    • Fully sublimated collar
    • Patterned jacket and pant cuffs
    • Sublimated shoulder lining
    • Available in L and XL Sizes

    *A specific size chart for the Mike Fowler gi can be found among the product images.

    Please note that due to the Gold Weave material used for the jacket of the gi, you will find that it may shrink more than the Tatami Estilo 5.0 model. This shrinkage is typically about 10% in a cold wash. Please follow the care and washing instructions carefully.