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    Meerkatsu Orchid Dragon Kimono
    From the iconic BJJ artist and designer – known across the BJJ community for his collaborative pieces with other gi companies - comes Meerkatsu’s own Orchid Dragon Kimono.

    With original artwork influenced by an ancient Japanese legend, the Meerkatsu Orchid Dragon Kimono features a 550 GSM Pearl Weave jacket and lightweight ripstop cotton pants. High quality embroideries include: “Meerkatsu” along both shoulders and the skirt of the jacket, an orchid design on the left front skirt and the back of the gi, and a detailed dragon on the left pant leg. The inner shoulder lining features an orchid flanked by two mirrored dragons.

    According to the legend, an ancient and beautiful dragon once guarded the magical gardens of Hua Yuan, in which grew a rare and delicate orchid that was known to offer the secret to unlimited strength and power. Many warriors had tried to force their way into the gardens to steal the orchid, but always failed. However, one day a small child tricked the dragon and took the flower. Realizing its power was merely a myth, the dragon was freed, and the child grew up to be a wise general who won many battles.

    • 550 GSM Pearl Weave jacket
    • White contrast stitching
    • Lightweight cotton ripstop pants
    • Rope drawstring
    • Original Meerkatsu artwork
    • High-quality embroidered details
    • Rashguard shoulder lining
    *Gi bag included
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