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    Maeda Book of Earth Rash Guard
    Nearly 400 years ago a Samurai of great renown… Miyamoto Musashi… revealed the techniques and philosophy of the Samurai warrior, in The Book of Five Rings.
    Maeda Brand presents their Five Rings series rash guards, illustrating the principles of the Book of Five Rings in a series of six, exclusive original Toby Newell designed rash guards. Follow the journey of our Samurai Hero from young neophyte to fearless Samurai Warrior, destined and determined to find the ultimate power within.

    The Book of Earth Rash Guard is the fourth in the series. On the front, our Hero is now a leader, looked up to by his fellow Samurai in training. His journey has advanced beyond technique, to a deeper understanding of the way of the Samurai. On the back, he steps in to the aid of one of his brothers, ensuring that the man’s journey will not end there on the battlefield.

    “By knowing things that exist, you can know that which does not exist.” – Miyamoto Musashi

    • Ultra-soft and durable spandex blend
    • Fully sublimated
    • Triple reinforced stitching
    • Original Toby Newell artwork
    Material: 80% polyester, 20% spandex

    Sizing Guide:
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    150 - 170 lbs
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    170 - 185 lbs
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    185 - 210 lbs
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